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We’ve come a long way since the mid 80’s when a couple of us had a song on the Billboard Charts. Someday we’ll write the book.  For now, we’re using our 25 plus years of experience to write and produce top shelf Jingles, Original Music, Radio and TV Spots, Voiceovers, Sound Design and more. . . all heard and seen locally, nationally, and around the world.  You can’t beat real world experience, and we’ve got it.

Live Performances, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Major Recording Studios. . . we’ve worked there, been there and done it!

Of course we can talk about Award Winning this and that. . . nah.  Check out or work and you’ll see for yourself.



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VP/Client Services/Voice

The Best 5 Letter Word:  Trust

By Bill

As we were looking over our 3rd quarter books recently, one thing stuck out to us:  The number of clients we have that are repeat or returning customers.  This kind of crept up on us.  I mean we’ve always had our fair share of clients coming back to us but the number has really jumped this year.  And this is a really good thing.  What does it say about the Creative Mills brand?  It says our work is high quality, delivered on time.  It says we’re dependable.  It says we’re trustworthy. Think about that word.  Actually think about the word within the word:  “Trust”.  It’s the lynchpin of our whole operation. . .


Bill and Miriam are a pleasure to work with; they have a lot of experience and it really shows! We look forward to our next project together.

Kathleen Hayes
Luminosity Group

Hearing Is Believing

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