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A pretty cool moment happened recently while working on a jingle project.  It all started normally.  We had created a jingle for this client about 7 years ago and they came back to us last month due do a complete re-branding, so they wanted a new jingle.  We went through “The Process” together and got to work on the music.  We finished up production and delivered the jingle.  Client very happy.  Ecstatic really.  Then a couple of days later our client mentioned he really wanted for us to sing the name of his business an extra time.  Uh-Oh.

Remember, when we went through “The Process”, we had all agreed on the precise lyrics which we used to create a killer melody.  Which he loved….as did we.  After creating thousands of jingles over the years, we know instinctively when we hit on a very strong “earworm” melody.  And this was one of those times.  So we explained to our client that we could probably force his business name into the jingle an extra time, but advised him this would destroy the sheer memorability of the existing melody and after all, isn’t that the goal…..to have a jingle that really sticks?  And guess what happened next.  Our client took our advice and stayed with the original product.

Fast forward 2 weeks.  While doing a review of recent projects I came across this particular jingle and Bam!  I instantly heard a way to give him the extra name mention in the sing by weaving it into the melody as background vocals and it worked!  Integrity of the initial jingle was maintained.  We sent the client the new version and his response was immediate:  “It sounds great!  We really appreciate you guys!”  Yup.  Found a way to hit it out f the park and make the client happy.  That’s how we do.  We rock it Old School. 

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