Beware of Fakerrs.

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, by Bill

Recently, upon getting back to our post holiday routine, we received yet another jingle request from a business that had a bad experience with a certain online company that claims it sells jingles for under $100….heretofore referred to as “Fakerr”.  He’s not alone.  Over a dozen clients have contacted us negatively referencing Fakerr.  This specific client had paid Fakerr to have a jingle produced (he had written it) and he was, as he put it, “very disappointed” with what they came up with.  He was so shocked by the sheer ineptitude and small time sound delivered by Fakerr that he did some research, some listening, and decided to call us.  During the initial conversation he explained to us that he was a small start up and didn’t have a big budget, which of course we understood. 

As the conversation progressed, our new client began to understand what was at the core of his bad experience with Fakerr.  Basically, as Malcolm Gladwell put it…in order to be great at anything you have to put in your 10,000 hours.  To understand this concept, one just has to listen to Sir Paul McCartney.  As the story goes, McCartney was commissioned by the producer of the James Bond movie “Live or Let Die” to write the movie’s main theme…for a fee of one million dollars.  Upon hearing the completed song, the producer was absolutely thrilled.  He loved it.  But when Sir Paul explained it had taken just 30 minutes to write, the producer exclaimed, “Do you mean we just paid you 1 million dollars for 30 minutes of work?!!”  McCartney responded “No.  You paid me 1 million dollars for the last 30 years of my life”.  Get it?  You pay for “the work put in”.  You pay for “the years of preparation”.  You pay for “the sacrifice every accomplished musician/composer makes over decades to become a true professional”. 

We had a song on the charts in the eighties and since have written hundreds of jingles and had songs placed in movies and television shows.  We haven’t stopped writing, evolving, and sharpening our collective talents since.  Look, we don’t charge a ton for our jingle work.  But you do have to pay something for Great.  Short of that, you can always go to Jinglerr and roll the dice.  Yup.  Those Freakin’ Guys.

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