Creativity’s Best Friend

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, by Bill

If you’ve ever called our office, chances are you may have heard a dog barking or making some other canine noise in the background.  You see, we believe in dogs.  We believe in dogs being with us at work.  We believe in the power of dogs.  Wait.  What?  That’s right.  Since Creative Mills opened its doors (or more accurately, spent September 10th and yes, September 11th, 2001 building our new studios), we’ve had 5 different doggies hanging out with us at work, inspiring us, pushing us, and occasionally making an odd noise that finds it’s way onto a random jingle or commercial track.  Which of course, can be truly awesome.

In all seriousness, having our dogs with us provides a sense of balance during stressful days.  We talk to them. . . they talk to us.  Okay they don’t really talk to us.  They communicate with us and provide us with endless comic relief.  It’s a nice break to load in a loop of cats meowing and observe the insanity that ensues.  Childish?  Sure.  Mean?  Maybe.  Fun?  You bet.  Unfortunately, we’ve lost 3 of our four legged friends over the years, but Lexi Juno and Boone Jadeveon (yes, they have middle names) are with us carrying the flag. . . ruining vocal takes and emitting new and exciting bodily noises.  Now go lay down while we try to fit 45 seconds of copy into a 30 second spot.  Good doggies. 
Creative Mills Studio Canines

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