Cutting Through The Clutter

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, by Bill

There’s a lot of noise out there.  Everybody talks about getting noticed.  How many businesses actually do it?  If you want your business to cut through the clutter, one of the fastest ways to do it is with a great jingle.  Not a good jingle.  Not a jingle that works.  Only a GREAT jingle will do the trick.  You need an experienced and respected Jingle Company to partner up with you to create instant sizzle about your business.  Not to brag, but that’s us.  (Okay, so I’m bragging)

See, here’s the problem for all you non-clutter cutting businesses.  It’s hard to find an exceptionally talented, veteran music team to work with.  With the explosion in technology over the last 15 years, we’re to the point that a ton of people with no talent, training or experience think they can “Make Music”.  See for yourself.  Just take a ride on that internet thingy, sit back, and enjoy the hours and hours of musical crap that resides there.  Not to mention the really bad jingles.  With Creative Mills Productions, you get an executive producer/composer who studied music at Northwestern University in Chicago, The University of Illinois, toured the country for ten years fronting the band One-Eighty (where he met his awesome writer/singer partner), wrote a hit song for Columbia Records in the 80’s (“Let Your Body Rock”), won an Addy Award for Best Music in the 90’s, placed many songs in TV and Film including “Indestructible” in the 2015 Lorne Michaels/Colin Jost summer hit movie “Staten Island Summer”. (Look for the scene with the octogenarians doing water aerobics).  Whew.  That’s a mouthful.  Oh, and we also work with some of the most talented musicians in the biz.  And….here’s a big one…we don’t recycle jingles from one market to another like most jingle companies.  You know who you are, Texas and Florida posers.  (Turn your head to the side and cough to signify)  We write an original jingle for Every. Single. Client.  Carefully crafted to fit your demographic needs.  Simply said:  We Cut Through The Clutter. 

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