How to Protect Your Investment

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If we it had our way, you’d hire us to write and produce your new jingle.  We’d walk you through “The Process”, helping you with the Jingle Branding Prep Sheet, the initial conference call and the entire creative journey, culminating in you, the client, experiencing sheer joy and happiness.  Unfortunately, not everyone decides to hire us for their music branding project.  So, here are a couple of things you might want to make sure you receive from that other jingle company. 

First, the company will probably want to retain control of the copyright for the music which is fine.  But both parties (you and them) should sign a document that grants you broadcast rights for perpetuity.  That means you can legally broadcast your jingle on radio, TV and the web literally forever.  Many jingle companies will not do this.  Instead, they’ll often put a 3-5 year limit on your broadcast rights (check the small print).  This is done so at the end of your “allowed” broadcast rights time period, they can contact you and tell you to stop airing the jingle unless you want to pay a “re-up” fee, which would buy a few more years of usage.  Got it?  You should always have “broadcast rights for perpetuity” in writing. 

Finally, your jingle broadcast rights may be limited to either Local, State, Regional, or National usage.  Tip:  if you think you might use the jingle statewide, or even nationally, negotiate the cost up front.  This can prove to be far less costly and definitely less hassle then if the jingle company’s legal representation has to contact you down the road and invoice you (usually pretty hefty) because you suddenly decided to air the jingle nationally or regionally.

We provide both of these to all our clients, but if you hire some other company to handle your jingle production, well…you never know. 

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