Jingles are Easy, Right?

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, by Bill

There is a misconception floating around out there that “anyone” can compose, perform and produce a great jingle.  Don’t really know how this line of thinking got started but I kind of think Garage Band and music loops had something to do with it.  There are actually some idiotic websites out there that claim they will “Do” a jingle for next to nothing.  Seriously.  But you never really get to hear examples of ear popping jingles.  You can hear some limited stuff, but no “Oh Wow” jingles.  No super hot Jingle DEMOS.  (If you want to hear some of those, just go to our Commercial Jingles page)  There’s just a lot of text promising a lot of stuff.  We produced 6 original jingle packages during the past 2 weeks ranging in style from Ukulele music to Americana to Brazilian featuring “Tower of Power-like horns to Dance Pop to…literally you name it.  Executing those genres at a high level requires a commitment to serious production time and a ton of experience.  We have it.  All these other guys… well……you can decide for yourself.

I’m just saying I want to be a fly on the wall when on of these companies composes, performs and produces a thirty second Sing In/Sing Out jingle which actually has to come in at :29.999 with the perfect amount of reverb trail so it won’t get clipped when you hear it during a TV commercial break, featuring a killer “Hook” melody that burns into the listener’s subconscious, and executing a specific music genre like you’ve been performing it for twenty years, all the while using real instruments and super expensive gear to get that “LA” or “Nashville” sound.  I mean c’mon…there’s a reason why a top shelf mic is $3,500, a pre-amp is $3,000, and killer horn software is $2,500!  That doesn’t even take into consideration $3,000 saxophones, $4,000 Taylor Guitars, and $10,000 worth of processing gear/software.

There. I said it.  Now where are my meds?

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