Many Thanks for Returning Clients

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, by Bill

If you own and operate a small business, the first thing you think when you open your eyes every morning is:  “Will we get some new clients today?”  Of course!  I mean you gotta have New Clients to keep the line moving, right?  And when you focus on that one thought every day you tend to get really myopic about that one thing. . . New Clients.  Very important those New Clients.  But those other guys. . . can’t forget about them.  No No No.  They are our REPEAT Clients.  And they rock.

Repeat Clients are awesome because they provide stability.  We can count on them to contact us three or four times a year to write and produce Marketing Campaigns.  The first time might be a hot Jingle Package.  The second time we produce a slew of Radio Spots, the third, a couple of TV Spots, and so on.  Each time we work together, the process becomes easier and easier, because our Repeat Clients develop a real trust in what we do.  They trust us to do our job.

These are Clients like Eyeland Optical, ESB Advertising, The Florida Blueberry Festival, Gladhaus Productions, Idaho Youth Ranch, Long Fence, Live Oak Pest Control and Premiere Radio Networks among many others.  To all of them we say…Thank You.

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