Music is A Gift

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, by Bill

“It’s that time of year again. . .”, the opening line of the holiday song we were inspired to write for our hometown Cincinnati.  You can hear it here.  It enjoyed several years of airplay in Cincinnati and Nationwide, and local TV outlets used it for station Christmas Promos.  You’ll find a sample here. Yep, not everything’s a Jingle.  Sometimes a person, group, or occasion is kindling for an original!  We’ve written and produced many over the years, and are still at it, along with Jingles of course.  We’ve also done dozens of Christmas Song Parodies and Christmas Station Jingles, which you can check out here…  If you’ve ever wanted to put something to music, give us a jingle and we’ll write you a song!

Got a business event coming up or special occasion you’re celebrating?  Maybe your brother Dave is turning 40. . . maybe your best friend is leaving the company. . . what if Mom and Dad are celebrating their anniversary. . . getting married?  Divorced?  Okay, we kid because we care. 

The point is, music moves people, and we’re your Full Service, Special Occasion, Custom Music source.  Top-Shelf Music Production.  We eat, live, and breathe it. 

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