Our Experience Pays Off. . . For You

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, by Bill

There’s something happening out there.  In “Musicland” I mean.  You know, “Pop” music, the “itunes top 100”. . . ”What’s on the radio”.  During the last several years this music had become very electronic with a heavy emphasis on production techniques and tricks, and less emphasis on say. . . actually performing an instrument or one’s voice.  This was a big departure from the Pop sounds of the 90’s or even 80’s.  And we can write and produce that sound.  But there’s good news here. . . and it’s good news for you, our clients!

Over the last year or so, artists like Bruno Mars (“Treasure”), and Daft Punk (“Get Lucky”) have begun the “Back to the 80s and 90s Revival”.  Justin Timberlake’s even getting his Michael Jackson groove on (“Take Back the Night”).  Why is this good for you?  Because we here at Creative Mills cut our teeth on that s@#t!  We toured nationally for 10 years during the 80’s and 90’s. . . had a hit single on Columbia records (“Let Your Body Rock”).  Arnold Schwartzenegger used it on his “Total Workout” album.  (yes, you can find it on itunes)  Point is we do that sound.  So here comes contemporary music taking a big u-turn back to the 80s, here comes our client looking for a jingle that sounds contemporary, and here sits Creative Mills with a big grin on our face.  Turns out it does pay to have a little gray hair.  A little pain in the knees.  A few wrinkles around the eyes.  Experience pays off.  It always has.  It always will.  Now somebody drop the needle on that Earth Wind & Fire record!   

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