Something For Nothing

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, by Bill

These days, it seems like everybody wants something for nothing.  It’s part of the era of immediacy we all live in.  Sound, picture, information.  We want it.  We want it now.  And we want it for free.  The good news for our clients?  We’re about to give you all a BIG something for free! 

Effective immediately, when you purchase a 30 or 60 second jingle package from Creative Mills Productions, you will also receive 2 fully produced radio spots (up to 2 voices each)…or 2 fully produced audio pieces for TV (up to 2 voices each).  Disclaimer: (read very fast)  Limited time only, up to 2 spots per customer, your mother wears army boots but then again so does mine.  Rest assured, we take the same great care to insure world-class voiceovers and spot production as we do with our jingles and music production. 

See?  We get it.  We like free stuff too.  Of course, we’re also hoping if you love the job we do, you’ll come back for more.  And more.  And more.  Just doing our part to keep capitalism alive and well!  And oh, by the way, thanks to the thousands of clients over the years who have just…well…believed in us. 

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