The Best 5 Letter Word:  Trust

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, by Bill

As we were looking over our 3rd quarter books recently, one thing stuck out to us:  The number of clients we have that are repeat or returning customers.  This kind of crept up on us.  I mean we’ve always had our fair share of clients coming back to us but the number has really jumped this year.  And this is a really good thing.  What does it say about the Creative Mills brand?  It says our work is high quality, delivered on time.  It says we’re dependable.  It says we’re trustworthy. Think about that word.  Actually think about the word within the word:  “Trust”.  It’s the lynch pin of our whole operation and it’s something I talk to clients about all the time. 

When we’re working on producing a killer jingle it is critical our client trusts our decision making along the way.  After spending time getting to know our client, their needs, and the direction of the jingle, we go to work utilizing our massive experience, creating an extremely “Hooky” jingle.  Remember, we’ve been doing this for over 25 years…producing hundreds and hundreds of highly effective branding jingles.  We have written music for movies, TV, and Netflix.  Yet sometimes…every once in a while…we’ll deliver a killer jingle to a client and get this reaction:  “I don’t think it’s hooky” or just a simple “I don’t like it”.  And while music certainly has some subjectivity built into it, listening to and evaluating a jingle is completely different from evaluating music that’s written for pleasure.  When we create a jingle, we’re creating a sharpened marketing tool for our client’s marketing toolbox.  It’s taken us years and years to learn to flesh out melodies that just don’t work as a memorable earworm.  The ONLY endgame here is ending up with a melody and lyrics that sticks in the listener’s head (in a positive way) after hearing it multiple times.  That’s what we do.  Trust us and we’ll make everybody happy. 

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