Three Skills Your Jingle Company Must Have

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, by Bill

Twenty years and thousands of jingles later, I have finally figured out what exactly we have that makes us and our clients successful.  Three things.  Actually three skills.  If you’re looking to hire a Production Company to compose, perform, and produce a kick ass jingle or “Music Branding Piece” for your company, that company must be able to do these things at a very high level.

    1. They must be able to hear the music as you describe what you want.
    2. They must be able to communicate to you what they are hearing.
    3. They must be able to execute musically.

What does this mean?  In our experience, most clients don’t deal with music beyond just “listening” to it.  So to expect one of our clients to be able to clearly articulate every nuance of what they want musically and vocally is, well, unreasonable.  It’s up to us, the pros, to read between the lines, ask the right questions, and get to the heart of matter.  At times this is no easy task.  But it’s what we do.  And we have to do it well.  That’s the hear part.  Once we hear you, we need to be able to put music…into words.  As in painting a picture (using words) back to you in order to let you know exactly what we’re going to do.  We need to be able to communicate at a high level.

Whew!  A lot, right?  Not done yet!  Now we have to be able to execute in the studio. As Composers.  As Musicians.  As Vocalists.  As Producers. 

Don’t get me wrong.  There are times (though not often) a jingle client knows exactly what they want.  “We’re looking for a Mumford and Sons sound with those same kinda vocals”.  When that happens, it’s a gift.  But most of the time, we need to employ our skill set of three.  It works.  Make sure your Jingle Company has those skills. 

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