Use Your Jingle.  A Lot.

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, by Bill

There are a lot more ways to take advantage of your new jingle than you think.  And we’re here to tell you how.

When we send our new jingles off to work with their proud new owners, it’s with mixed emotions.  On one hand we’re excited and happy we were able to work with our client to create an awesome new branding tool for them.  On the other hand we’re sad to see our new jingle package go. . . knowing we won’t be able to be with them every step of the way to show them all the great opportunities there are for them to shine and really help our client grow. 

Your new jingle has been built to get people to remember your company’s name, so the number one rule is:  Utilize some form of your “Jingle Sing” (the part where we sing your name) in all of your TV, Radio, and Web advertising.  Don’t get caught up in using just the instrumental version so you can jam more words into your announcer script.  Cut the script down and ALWAYS use the sing.  Also:

- Use your jingle in the production of your on hold messaging.  There are a lot of creative ways to do this.  (we can help!)

- Use it with any new YouTube content you produce.  Again. . . lots of ways to accomplish this.

Basically, try not to get complacent.  Don’t take your jingle for granted. (Jingles have feelings too)  Stick with it over the long haul and it will pay dividends.

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