We Have to Keep Learning

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, by Bill

Yup.  Have to do it.  We have to do it for you, our clients.  In the Audio Production world, failure to learn about and adapt to new technology means…well…failure.  This is especially true in the music production and Jingle world.  Just like real world tech is always evolving, new music products and techniques are always popping up.  New, but not necessarily good.  And therein lies the rub.  We have to check out new tech, music production techniques, software, etc. just to find out what makes us better and what is just a waste of time.  And that takes time.

Of course, once we find a product that can help us keep getting better and staying current, there’s usually a learning curve when applying it to our latest Music/Jingle production.  At times this can be a little mind blowing!  But the bottom line is we have to be prepared to hit it out of the park no matter what genre we’re working in.  Country, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Americana Guitar/Ukulele, Jazz, EDM, you name it.  From James Taylor to Drake. This what we do.  We love it.  And we have to keep learning. 

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