Words Matter.

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, by Bill

When it comes to marketing your business, the words you choose to use can make or break you. . . even if you have “The Best Words”.  But of course you knew that.  Duh.  What I’m specifically talking about are the words you choose for you business’ slogan.  Your potential customers absorb your slogan in different ways, on different platforms.  On the radio, print advertising, streaming services, TV, Billboards, in Movie Theaters and on many forms of social media.  So how can you be sure your slogan will work effectively across the board?  It’s not easy, but it can be done.

As the “Kids” say. . . ”You gots to have some flow, yo!”  Flow, rhythm, hooky-ness, there are obviously a lot of words for what I’m talking about.  The bottom line is. . . your potential customer has to feel it.  You’re driving along, see a billboard that says “Wichita Furniture and Mattress,  Buy it today.  Get it today.”  BAM!  Instant flow with a little “Hey that applies to me!” thrown in.  You’re feeling it. 

The words you choose for your slogan can’t sound “Clunky”.  Ever.  But especially if you’re using it in a killer Jingle.  They have to work in concert with the jingle melody to evoke emotion.  And I don’t mean 2 weeks later.  Your jingle slogan has to work immediately.  I mean like THAT! (insert finger snap here)  So choose your words carefully and you’ll win the marketing war.  Or you could work with us, Creative Mills.  A lot of people say we have “The Best Words” too.  Either way, know this:  Words Matter.

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