Your 2017 Budget

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, by Bill

Alrighty!  The New Year means a New Budget, and we’re going to help you spend it!  Yes. . . brand new money to spend on your staggering expenses.  As always, one of those expenses is marketing.  But hey, marketing dollars aren’t written in stone right?  I mean you can cut back on your advertising budget and you’re business will still be rocking, right?  Uh. . . no.  Not really.  It’s very tempting to do when you have all those hard operating costs.  But unless you have a company that thrives on word of mouth, you gotta spend on marketing.  We all do.

So you put serious dollars into web and broadcast advertising and that’s good.  How much of that is put into the production of your advertising?  That’s the question.  The answer?  Whatever it takes for you to get top shelf audio and video commercial production.  And here’s the thing.  Don’t assume you have to throw big money at some production company.  Most of those outfits charge way too much.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll design and produce your web, tv, and radio spots and we won’t break your budget.  We work with you to give you killer production within your budget, staying flexible on our end so you can have marketing flexibility on your end. We have 25 years of experience with this stuff, working with everyone from huge corporate entities to mom and pop small businesses and everything in between.  And, we made it through the Great Recession while the majority of our competitors had to close up shop.  So don’t break the bank on audio/video production.  Spend wisely people.

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