Your Have to Trust Us.  Seriously.

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, by Bill

A recent question from a potential client:  “Will you produce our jingle and then allow us to purchase it if we like it?”  If you were us, how would you answer?  Keep in mind that we’ve been writing and producing jingles successfully for over 25 years, and have been working musicians and producers for waaay longer than that.  We also know the advertising business inside and out.  So our answer is - look at our track record, listen to our work.  We are not going to simply slap some vocals over some music bed and say here you go. . . pay us if you want to!  We have a process, and that includes working hand and hand with you. The reality is this - you as a potential jingle client have probably never listened to jingles and evaluated their style and efficacy, so this would be a first for you.  We, on the other hand have done this literally thousands of times. . . our livelihood depends on it.  So if you’re basing your decision on whether you want to pay us after hearing our first version of your jingle, well. . . that dog don’t hunt. . . because sometimes the second or even third version is THE one.  That’s why our process often includes some back and forth, tweaking the jingle if needed until it hits the spot.  After all, it does us no good if you’re not happy!  You have to trust us.  You’re in good hands.  Seriously.

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