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Ever heard of “earworms”?  Well, even if you haven’t heard of them, you’ve surely had them.  Simply put, earworms are songs or melodies that get stuck in your head.  According to a recent report on NPR, researchers are now trying to find cures for them.  NOOOOO!  Earworms are what make Jingles so effective in branding businesses and products.  Potential clients hear your jingle a few times and BAM, they can’t get you out of their head.  Of course, not all jingles will result in earworms.  They have to be catchy, memorable, and well constructed.  Fortunately, that’s what we do.  Prediction: No cure will be found for Earworms.  Ever.  That’s music to our ears.

Commercial Jingle Montage
Enjoy these samples of TV and Radio Jingles we've written and produced. . .
Heating &  Cooling Jingle Montage
Our HVAC Jingles are Hot. . . or Cool, depending on your needs.
Automotive Jingle Montage
The Auto Industry is back, and we're there for them!
RS Andrews Heating & Cooling JIngle
We worked with Nuke Digital to create the perfect "Superhero" Jingle for RSA's new ad campaign.
Novation Capital Spanish Jingle/TV Spot
Creative Mills produced this jingle in Spanish for Novation Capital's ad campaign
“Strutz” 60 TV Jingle
We worked hand in hand with the very talented folks at "Animotion" to create this highly effective gem....

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