OUR WORK - Sound Design and Specialty

SOUND DESIGN: The process of creating and manipulating audio elements. It is employed in a variety of disciplines including film, theater, music recording, live music performance, radio, TV production, and computer game software development.  Buckle up. . . and listen.
SPECIALTY PRODUCTION:  Fun stuff.  Here are some samplings of offbeat audio we’ve produced over the years for your listening pleasure.

Call Me Maybe Song Parody - ICC Convention Flash Mob
The Q Creative Team out of Boston hired us to produce this Call Me Maybe song parody for a recent ICC convention. It was a big hit!
Deltek “I’m Just a Project”
Animation created by Big Picture Media and Crispin Wood for Deltek, provider of enterprise software and information solutions.
Sound Design Demo
Have your spot, corporate or web piece, or You Tube video come to life with 3D Sound Design.......
CMP History - 80’s Flashback:  “Everyone Wants You”
A peek into the history of Creative Mills Productions' owners, who spent the '80s as members of the band, One-Eighty, touring the country.

We've worked with Creative Mills on a few different projects, and they hit the mark every time. Excellent quality jingles. . . and voiceovers too!

Garrett Dirks
Cox Media, Orange County, CA