OUR WORK - Voiceovers

With over 20 years of voiceover experience, you’re sure to find the male and female voices you need, no matter what the project is – Commercial, Corporate, Characters? Just listen for yourself!

CMP can also deliver a professional sounding Voice Message or IVR for your business. Whatever the project, we’ve got the voice.  And with election season now in full swing, you can count on us to deliver your message!

Male Character Voice Demo
Over the top Brit, Homer, Wacky Southern Dude, Nerd, Game Show host, use your imagination.....
Female Voice Message/IVR Demo
The perfect variety of female voices to fit your business IVR/On Hold and Voice Mail needs.
Male Voice Message/IVR Demo
A great variety of male on hold messages...

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We've worked with Creative Mills on a few different projects, and they hit the mark every time. Excellent quality jingles. . . and voiceovers too!

Garrett Dirks
Cox Media, Orange County, CA