The Jingle Process

What are the questions asked most often by potential jingle clients?  Simple:  How do we know we’ll like it?  Will you keep working on it until we’re happy?  What if we don’t like it?  Well, once you get familiar with the entire Jingle Branding Process (JBP), everything becomes simplified.  What is the Jingle Branding Process (JBP)?  Now THAT is a great question.  Here are the 7 steps to completing the Creative Mills Jingle Branding Process successfully:

1. YOU CONTACT US and indicate you’re interested in having us create a custom jingle for your business.
2. WE DISCUSS THE KIND OF JINGLE package you’re looking for (:30, :60. Sing In, Sing Out, Mini Jingle?). Then we send you the pricing structure accordingly.
3. ONCE YOU DECIDE on the kind of Jingle Package you want, we send you the JBP Prep sheet and the Music Agreement, which you fill out completely and sign. 
4. YOU SCHEDULE A JBP CONFERENCE CALL with our Executive Producer, Client Services Director, and your company’s decision maker(s), at which time we discuss, in depth; the target demographic, musical style, lyric content, and general tone and direction.
5. WE BEGIN COMPOSING and producing your Custom Jingle.  Only when it’s complete and broadcast ready will we present it to you.  When it comes to musical and vocal production we set a very high bar, so you won’t be getting any “rough versions” during the process.
6. YOU LISTEN TO THE JINGLE. We’ll address any concerns and make changes/revisions if required.
7. ONCE WE HAVE A FINAL PRODUCT (a jingle that kills!), we’ll create the many different versions or “mix outs” of your Jingle that are included as part of your package.

There they are.  The steps to a whole new Branding Image.  Literally 95% of our Jingle clients are thrilled after no more that 1 revision.  THAT is a direct result of the JBP sheet and Conference Call.  Sometimes it requires a few times re-working things.  Whatever it takes.  If you’re not happy, our business is not sustainable.  If you have more questions, reach out to us…we’d love to talk.

Always get awesome work from these guys!!

Troy Henson
Blue Kaboom
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